New product: iSTelem, a signaling device that indicates by light and sound the normal and alarm state of four external inputs.

February, 2023

We are proud to announce that PERPROT has been accepted into the GreenOffshoreTech Project supported by European Union.

Ocober, 2022

New product: iRTelem, a wireless IoT device for radio data transmission from four external analog sensors, e.g. temperature.

September, 2021

We were granted for use of the Fed4FIRE+ CityLab Testbed for Experimentation with wireless technologies, entitled: F4Fp – SME – LoRIT

Fed4FIRE+ is a project under the European Union’s Programme Horizon 2020, offering the largest federation worldwide of Next Generation Internet (NGI) testbeds, which provide open, accessible and reliable facilities supporting a wide variety of different research and innovation communities and initiatives in Europe.

May, 2020